Hi, my name is Henry, and I was a smoker.

After smoking for more than 15 years, I decided to quit, and managed to do that after a long struggle. Then 3 years later I discovered vaping and became a cloud chaser.

Now I vape and it comes with all the fun but few of the harms of traditional tobacco smoking. My passion for vaping made me start Vape Manual, and here I will be sharing the best guides, reviews, tips and opinions on vape mods, atomizers, batteries and e-juices along with tips on how to quit smoking and more.

In this venture I will be accompanied by my beautiful wife Mary Anne, who will be helping me manage everything and write great content for you guys.

If you want to contribute and share your experiences, feel free to comment on any of the posts or write to us at contact@vapemanual.com!

Happy vaping and cloud chasing!

Vape Manual has everything you need to know about vaping, mods, juices, coils and more. Follow us for the latest updates, reviews and opinions on the best vaping products and gear.

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